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Curatorial Practice Diploma

The Diploma in Curatorial Studies in Visual Culture is taken in conjunction with the M.A. in Art History. Students are required to take an additional 3 credit course in Curatorial Studies, i.e. 24 credits for the M.A. plus Diploma.

A focus on curatorial studies is created through a combination of courses and an internship. These include:

  • the graduate seminar in Curatorial Studies (ARTH 5175 3.0)
  • the graduate seminar in Museum and Galleries (ARTH 5170 3.0)
  • Internship (ARTH 5190 3.0)
  • Major Research Paper: This may take the form of an exhibition (real or virtual) or a research paper which addresses specific issues related to curatorial practice.

Updated on May 14th, 2013.