Ethics Procedures

Approval Steps

Approval must be obtained from the Art History Department in order to complete your thesis or major research paper. Extra paperwork will be required if human participants are to be included.

  1. The online tutorial must be completed and the certificate that is obtained at the end of the tutorial must be printed and handed in to the department assistant. It is best to complete this tutorial during the first semester of the program. The estimated time for completion is one hour. Please visit Course on research Ethics (CORE).
  2. A TD2 form must be completed. This can be done in conjunction with MRP work during the second year of your studies - Human Participants Protocol Form - TD2(.pdf).
  3. An Informed Consent Form must be created. This form should list details specific to your MRP and to the interviewee. Please view a sample at Informed Consent Form (.doc).

Visit Faculty of Graduate Studies - Research Ethics for more detailed information on ethics.

Interviewing Resources and Processes

Equipment is available for loan from the Faculty of Fine Arts Computing Services. Equipment includes:

  • 4 Infocus LP640 projectors
  • Altec Lansing 3 speaker set
  • Apple iBook
  • Marantz PMD660 portable digital audio recorder (manual)
  • Samsung 32in LCD screen and wallmount

Remember to book equipment once interview dates have been set to ensure that the equipment will be available. Check all equipment before the interview date to ensure that everything is working properly and to familiarize yourself with how to use the equipment.

When using recording equipment, permission must be obtained from the interviewee. This will usually be stated in the Informed Consent Form. It is best to take handwritten notes in case of equipment failure or other unforeseeable equipment problems.