The 2014 Goldfarb Summer Institute, SONIC PRAXIS IN X ACTIONS

ARTH/VISA 6020 (3.0)
5-23 MAY 2014

Course Directors

Marc Couroux And Leslie Korrick

Course Description

This intensive summer graduate course takes as its primary interest sound and sound art, especially as it has unfolded in and around the visual arts, its discourses, and institutions during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Themes to be explored include: the challenges sound and sound art pose to “the visual arts” and visual culture more broadly as well as the opportunities emerging out of these; the materialities of sound and the role the latter might play within emergent speculative thought; and modes of intuiting novel political orientations through sonic practices. In addition, the course will consider sound as one means of navigating transdisciplinary vectors that cut across the domains of art, science, and technology. Taking its cue from a range of midtwentieth century propositions associated with the artistic avant-garde, the course will be structured through a series of on- and off-campus “actions” that will allow students to consider these themes at the seminar table, in the studio, on the street, and in the gallery.

Teaching Team

The course will be co-taught by York University Professors Marc Couroux and Leslie Korrick in collaboration with historians, artists, and curators. Among these, students will have an opportunity to work closely with scholar Douglas Kahn, Professor of Media and Innovation at the National Institute of Experimental Arts, University of New South Wales in Sydney; sound artist Hong-Kai Wang, currently based in Vienna; and Trine Friis Sørensen, independent curator and Ph.D. Fellow at the LARM Audio Research Archive in Copenhagen.


The course meets daily for two weeks, Monday through Friday from 5-16 May, followed by a third independent “work week” culminating in final presentations and critique on 22-23 May. Because class time will vary from day to day in the first two weeks, students should not have inflexible or time-consuming commitments during this period.

Who can enroll?

Graduate students from any program in or outside the Faculty of Fine Arts with an interest in sound are welcome to enroll in the course, which can be taken for studies (ARTH 6020) or studio/performance/production (VISA 6020) credit.


Please contact Marc Couroux ( or Leslie Korrick (