Facilities and Resources

The Sound and Moving Image Library (SMIL)

SMIL is located on the main floor of Scott Library. It houses a collection of CDs, VHS videos, DVDs, discographies, scores and selected reference sources. The primary focus of the sound collection is music, including strengths in 20th century western art music, jazz, folk rock, electroacoustic and world music. Subject coverage of video recordings and DVDs is diverse but reflects the University's curriculum.

Additional On-Campus Resources

Graduate Reading Room

Located in Room 409 of Scott Library, this quiet study space features low tables, lounge chairs, full wireless network connectivity, several computers and a printer. An entrance code is required and the room is only available during the library's regular hours of operation.

Discount Photocopying

5¢ copies are available for students when pre-paid in $25 or $50 increments to the Visual Arts office. Upon proof of payment, a code will be assigned with the allowable limit of copies. When the code is 'empty', students can re-activate it with another pre-payment of $25 or $50, and so on.

Please note that for TAing, any and all course materials are still to be submitted for copying as per department photocopy policy.

Dossier Service

A dossier service is provided to support graduate students, alumni and postdoctoral fellows by storing reference letters and transcripts in one convenient location to save time, money and aggravation during the stress of an academic job search.

While there is a fee for this service it actually greatly reduces the costs if transcripts are needed. Students would order the transcript once and have it sent to the dossier service (cost $25). The service can send it as a confidential document as many times as required for a processing cost of just $2.50 to $3.00. If the student had to arrange via the Registrars office the cost would be $25 (Canadian destinations); $40 (U.S), $75 (International) EACH TIME.

In addition, the service can alleviate issues for students (or post-docs) which arise when faculty may be unavailable due to research, sabbatical, and travel demands as well as when the student is located elsewhere - requests to send transcripts or letters are made via email. Quick response time is another benefit as Dossier requests will be mailed within 4 business days. Please visit Career Center - Dossier Service for more details.