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Book Launch: Fertile Window #Craftof2018

promotional image for Fertile Window Publication Launch

Derived from peer-to-peer interviews and studio visits, Fertile Window is a publication that features works of nine artists from the #Craftof2018 cohort. The artists in the project include Nedda Baba, Sonya Filman, Heather Frise, Zahra Khan, Chloë Lum, Sara Kay Maston, Tiffany Schofield, Véronique Sunatori, and Xuan Ye. Fertile Window is a 48 page long art book, opening with a curatorial essay written by multimedia artist Ella Tetrault.

“The recent call to witches and all things witchy is part of a feminist reclaiming of power both personally and politically, a choice that requires bravery and intention. We have entered the season of the witch, and as astrologist Chani Nichols recently wrote, we practice magic so we can move closer to the things and people we wish to join forces with. The group of women in #Craftof2018 are, both individually and collectively, forces to be reckoned with. They seem almost perfectly balanced in their strengths and talents, and have formed a community that has made space for magical manifestations.”

– Ella Tetrault, Fertile Window, 2018

For more information and full press kit, please contact York University VAGSA (Visual Arts Graduate Student Association) via craftof2018@gmail.com